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Measuring roughly 42cm Naomi is the perfect size for little ones.

She is made from a mix of wool felt and cotton and her face is all hand painted with great care and detail. Her head has a delicate plait pigtails and is a mix od wool and wool felt. She has a ribbon in her hair and a removable dress.

Paisley will require lots of cuddles and kisses every day. She will also need to be treated gently. She is a great listener and likes to hear all your little ones stories. When they go to bed, they can take her with as she can help them to have sweet dreams. If you plan on going on an adventure, please take her as she LOVES adventures!!! She is also a great secret keeper and a fierce and loyal friend.
She will be your little one’s best friend and she will love them very much.

If you like the look of Naomi but would like some changes, please contact me and we can work out a custom doll that can be personalized completely

Comes from a smoke free home